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Law & Legislation Watch Your Mouth
2011 June Watch Your Mouth

 When you were little, your mother might have told you, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”    Momma was no fool. That was sound advice then, and it's even smarter in today’s litigious world, where …

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Law & Legislation Can We Go Green?
2011 June Can We Go Green?

 As gasoline prices rise with increasing summer demand, building administrators'  attention has turned sharply to the cost of energy, and ways to trim fat from  their overall energy budgets.    Yet for the nation’s nearly 60 million…

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Law & Legislation No Time Like the Precedent
2011 June No Time Like the Precedent

 Condo, HOA, and co-op boards are generally made up of volunteers—and they're frequently a pretty diverse group. There’s the stay-at-home mom who’s looking to get involved with something beyond homework and housework. Maybe  there’s also t…

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Law & Legislation Chicagoland Legislative Update
2011 June Chicagoland Legislative Update

 As housing sales in the Chicagoland area remain stagnant, legislation both  nationally and locally relating to property ownership and management continue  to remain active. The majority of the legislation introduced recently has  sought t…

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Law & Legislation The Paper Trail
2011 June The Paper Trail

 Remember that thick stack of documents you received when you bought your condo  or co-op? If you're like most people, they're probably sitting in a drawer or  in the back of your filing cabinet, communing with the dust bunnies, largely  f…

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Board Operations Edgewater
2011 January Edgewater

Occupying the lakefront some seven miles from the Loop on Chicago's North Side, Edgewater is one of the city's oldest and most enduring neighborhoods. Bounded by Foster Avenue on the south side, Ravenswood Avenue on the west, Devon Aven…

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Board Operations Making It Work
2011 January Making It Work

Though the benefits of condominium and cooperative living are numerous, it’s human nature that where there are people, there will be conflict. Running to a lawyer every time a problem arises is hardly sensible. The legal process is slow…

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Board Operations Laying the Law Down
2011 January Laying the Law Down

Every co-op, condominium, and homeowners association has rules and regulations that residents and their guests must abide by. For the most part, they’re usually pretty straightforward and have minimal impact: no 200-pound dogs, no smoki…

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Board Operations New Kids on the Block
2011 January New Kids on the Block

So the votes are counted, and the new board members are officially chosen. Now what? Many people join their co-op or condo board because they hope to jump right in and make major changes to their building or association. Lower…

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