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On The Board Let's Talk Board Resources
Let's Talk Board Resources

Few people come onto their condo or HOA board an expert in community administration - most of us could use some help! While most of that support and training comes from fellow board members and simply learning on the job, organizations like…

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Board Operations Dealing With Coronavirus Exposure
Dealing With Coronavirus Exposure

The coronavirus outbreak has highlighted the tension between the rights of the community and the rights of individuals. For now, governments are relying on their inherent police power to protect the community at large. Centers for Disease C…

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Board Operations Coping with Conflict
2020 spr Coping with Conflict

Life in a co-op or condo is in many respects a microcosm of the larger world outside. It can suffer from the same factionalism and power struggles as any political entity, only on a much smaller and more intimate—and thus potentially more d…

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