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Law & Legislation Transparency & Condo Governance
Transparency & Condo Governance

Is a condominium - or any type of common interest community - actually a democracy?  Do shareholders have unfettered access to the documents and information boards use to make decisions?  Can they demand to see those documents?  The answer …

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Board Operations A Look at Board Powers
Spring 2021 A Look at Board Powers

When one buys a private single-family home, it’s clear who the king or queen of the castle is: the homeowner. When it comes to condominiums and cooperative apartments, however, the relationship between owner and property is a little more co…

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Owner Relations Neighbor Noise
Neighbor Noise

Noise is an acknowledged part of urban life - particularly apartment living.  Some of it - traffic, garbage collection, people shouting on the street - is external, and is controlled (theoretically, anyway) by zoning laws and noise ordinanc…

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Law & Legislation Bulk Sales in Chicago
Bulk Sales in Chicago

In our recent article, 'Bulk Sales in Chicago’s Condo Market,' ( ), CooperatorNews Chicagoland examined the unique circumstances governing bulk sales in Illino…

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Board Operations Transfer of Board Power Without a 'Condo Coup'
Transfer of Board Power Without a 'Condo Coup'

When purchasing a residence in a condominium, homeowners association or a co-op, you by default agree to reside in a community association. You live in relatively close proximity to your neighbors and equally share the right to utilize comm…

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Owner Relations Secondhand Smoke Complaints
Secondhand Smoke Complaints

Q. I live in a condo and my neighbor downstairs from me is constantly smoking. I brought it to the attention of management and nothing has been done. What are my options as an owner: do I bring legal action against the management, or do I t…

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On The Board Common Legal Mistakes
Common Legal Mistakes

Most condo association and HOA boards are made up of volunteers who may or may not (usually not) be legal professionals. This can lead to even the most well-meaning boards making costly legal blunders. In this short clip, two legal pros dis…

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Law & Legislation Common Legal Mistakes Boards Make
Common Legal Mistakes Boards Make

Boards are usually composed of volunteers who work regular jobs when they're not helping to govern their building or association. It's not often that those jobs are as attorneys or other legal professionals, so it's probably not surprising …

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