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Law & Legislation Receiverships and Conservatorships 101
2021 September Receiverships and Conservatorships 101

When a property or individual finds itself or himself in a situation that threatens the continued economic viability of the asset or estate our laws provide a supervised level of assistance from qualified third parties.  In the case of real…

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Board Operations Term Limits for Board Members:
Term Limits for Board Members:

Term limits are often a hot issue at all levels of government. Does capping the tenure of an elected official clear the way for new ideas and re-energize governance, or does it cut off expertise and knowledge that can really only be acquire…

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Law & Legislation Transparency & Condo Governance
Transparency & Condo Governance

Is a condominium - or any type of common interest community - actually a democracy?  Do shareholders have unfettered access to the documents and information boards use to make decisions?  Can they demand to see those documents?  The answer …

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Board Operations A Look at Board Powers
Spring 2021 A Look at Board Powers

When one buys a private single-family home, it’s clear who the king or queen of the castle is: the homeowner. When it comes to condominiums and cooperative apartments, however, the relationship between owner and property is a little more co…

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Owner Relations Neighbor Noise
Neighbor Noise

Noise is an acknowledged part of urban life - particularly apartment living.  Some of it - traffic, garbage collection, people shouting on the street - is external, and is controlled (theoretically, anyway) by zoning laws and noise ordinanc…

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Law & Legislation Bulk Sales in Chicago
Bulk Sales in Chicago

In our recent article, 'Bulk Sales in Chicago’s Condo Market,' ( ), CooperatorNews Chicagoland examined the unique circumstances governing bulk sales in Illino…

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Board Operations Transfer of Board Power Without a 'Condo Coup'
Transfer of Board Power Without a 'Condo Coup'

When purchasing a residence in a condominium, homeowners association or a co-op, you by default agree to reside in a community association. You live in relatively close proximity to your neighbors and equally share the right to utilize comm…

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Owner Relations Secondhand Smoke Complaints
Secondhand Smoke Complaints

Q. I live in a condo and my neighbor downstairs from me is constantly smoking. I brought it to the attention of management and nothing has been done. What are my options as an owner: do I bring legal action against the management, or do I t…

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