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Finance A Day Late, a Dollar Short
A Day Late, a Dollar Short

In a world where the cost of services and goods are generally rising, even in the absence of any substantive inflation, co-op and condominium boards and management are always looking for ways to hold the line on increasing monthly costs.  T…

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Design Interior Design Responds to COVID
Summer 2021 Interior Design Responds to COVID

As the biggest global health crisis of modern times continues to impact the world, it leaves a wake of changes to the way we live, eat, work, play, learn, plan, and even how we dream. Humans — a species well-known for our adaptability — are…

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Design Universal Design & the ADA
Summer 2021 Universal Design & the ADA

The idea that ‘form follows function’ is one of the basic concepts underlying nearly every design discipline—but function for whom? For many people living with disabilities, it often seems that ‘function’ covers a very narrow range of abili…

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Landscaping Plants, Money, & Sustainability
Spring 2021 Plants, Money, & Sustainability

In multifamily properties where different households share in the use, visual enjoyment, and property value of landscaped outdoor elements, a lot of factors go into deciding what and where to plant, how to maintain it, and how much to spend…

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Management Neighbor Noise
Spring 2021 Neighbor Noise

Noise is an acknowledged part of urban life–particularly apartment living.  Some of it—traffic, garbage collection, people shouting on the street—is external, and is controlled (theoretically, anyway) by zoning laws and noise ordinances. So…

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Management Social Programming vs. Social Distancing
Winter 2020 Social Programming vs. Social Distancing

For many buyers, a key factor in deciding to purchase a home in a residential community rather than opt for private, single-family ownership is often the appeal of amenities that come with condo, co-op, and HOA living—pools, gyms, clubhouse…

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Management Self-Management in Stressful Times
Winter 2020 Self-Management in Stressful Times

While many condominium associations and co-op corporations hire professional property managers or management firms to handle the routine (and not-so-routine) tasks involved in running a multifamily building or HOA, a significant number take…

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Management Management in Crisis
Winter 2020 Management in Crisis

The day-to-day life of a property manager—while not quite as predictable as that of, say, an accountant—does revolve around certain cyclical tasks, like building inspections, staff meetings, and keeping boards informed of what is going on w…

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Management Supporting Essential Building Workers
Fall 20 Supporting Essential Building Workers

While residents of condos, co-ops, and HOAs do their part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by staying in their homes as much as they can, they rely on the supers, porters, valets, doorpeople, janitorial workers, handymen and -women, securi…

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Management Community Meetings in the Time of COVID
Fall 20 Community Meetings in the Time of COVID

Social distancing, lockdowns, quarantine, remote work, distance learning—these once unfamiliar terms have changed the way we live our everyday lives in the time of a global pandemic. In a society where a handshake is the social gesture that…

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