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Exterior More Than Just Maintenance
2011 March More Than Just Maintenance

In Chicagoland, your building maintenance professionals are the chief engineer, head engineer, or sometimes, even the janitor. Regardless of title, these people keep the home fires burning and make sure every apartment building runs sm…

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Exterior Green Days
2011 March Green Days

Traditional household cleaners may leave sinks, floors, carpets and countertops gleaming, but they also leave behind traces of toxic chemicals. According to, in any given home in America, you’re likely to find up to 10 g…

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Exterior A Team Effort
2011 March A Team Effort

 As anyone who’s ever had their heat go out in the dead of winter can tell you, condo buildings  don’t maintain themselves. It might take a village to raise a child, but it takes a  knowledgeable, experienced team comprised of a qualified …

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Exterior Facade Maintenance
2011 March Facade Maintenance

 For those who might not know, building facades are the exterior walls of a  building—they're important not just for their architectural and aesthetic significance, but  because they're built to withstand the elements and preserve the unde…

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Maintenance Structural Integrity Inspections:
Structural Integrity Inspections:

In light of the catastrophic, deadly condo building collapse in Surfside, Florida last month, boards and residents in multifamily buildings across the country are taking a hard look at how their own properties measure up to the structural m…

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Maintenance Water Sensors Join the Internet of Things
Water Sensors Join the Internet of Things

Water infiltration in multifamily buildings has always been an issue of grave concern; leaks can lead to everything from unsightly stains to mold growth to crumbling infrastructure, and can mean hundreds of thousands spent on repairs and re…

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