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Building Winter Woes
2011 November Winter Woes

 It’s a well-known fact that Chicagoans are tough. But even the bravest among us  shivers just a little bit when the first signs of winter settle over the city.  Winter and the inevitable snow and ice that accompany it take their toll not …

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Building Maintaining a Building's Infrastructure
2011 November Maintaining a Building's Infrastructure

 In many ways, a building’s boiler is like the heart is to the body: it provides heat and circulation; it  works unseen; and if it is not functioning, it won’t take long for life to go away. Maintaining this heat source of the community  i…

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Building Going Up?
2011 November Going Up?

 There are approximately 22,000 elevators and moving conveyances in the city of  Chicago—and that number almost doubles when you add in the surrounding communities in  Illinois. A great number of these elevators are in condominiums and it’…

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Building Breathing Easy
2011 November Breathing Easy

 Keeping indoor air clean is critical to maintaining a healthy environment. The  inner workings of a building’s operating system is often a mystery to the untrained person or board member.  Since it’s easier to determine the cleanliness of…

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Building Close Encounters of the Wild Kind
2011 November Close Encounters of the Wild Kind

 Rick Wilberschied of All That’s Wildlife in Chicago once had to catch a raccoon that had climbed 64 stories  and was sitting on an apartment building balcony. Three months ago, in Chicago’s Boystown, a mother deer found an unlikely spot t…

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Building The Chicagoland Cooperator's Condo, HOA & Co-op Expo
2011 November The Chicagoland Cooperator's Condo, HOA & Co-op Expo

It’s time to turn our attention to The Chicagoland Cooperator’s first annual Condo, HOA & Co-op Expo, a must-attend event for the Chicagoland area’s property managers, board members, real estate professionals, shareholders and unit owner…

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Exterior Q&A: Fighting a Board Alone
2011 March Q&A: Fighting a Board Alone

Q How can condo owners contest a condo board without hiring a lawyer? Are their rules impeachable? Can we contest a fine? They assess owners to pay legal fees if we start proceedings. Is that fair? —Amazed and confu…

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Exterior Q&A: Questioning Association's Finances
2011 March Q&A: Questioning Association's Finances

Q My condo association has not revealed the bank that we bank at nor has the condo board members treated me fairly in depositing my assessments and pro-rations. What can I do about this without hiring a lawyer? —Financial Exam…

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Exterior ACTHA in Action
2011 March ACTHA in Action

 Every condo or homeowners association has its own board and management company  to handle the community's day-to-day business and administrative activities but  who advocates for those communities at the municipal and state level? Who loo…

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