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Management The Ultimate Do It Yourself Project
2013 January The Ultimate Do It Yourself Project

 Convenience and saving money are just a couple reasons why an association would  choose to self-manage a property. Though, outside managing firms and property  managers are hired and employed for good reason. The job requires collecting  …

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Management Emergency Prepardness 101
2012 December Emergency Prepardness 101

 While the basics of preventing—and surviving—relatively common disasters like fires or severe weather events should be well  known to anybody living in a community association or planned development, the  reality is that each building com…

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Management The Tipping Point
2012 November The Tipping Point

 According to some sources, the word “tips” is actually an acronym—it's short for “To Insure Prompt Service,” and the list of people who are commonly tipped—at least in the United States—includes everyone from hair and nail salon workers t…

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Management Isn't That Capital!
2012 November Isn't That Capital!

 Sooner or later, every co-op or condo owner will have to deal with the  inconvenience of living through a major capital improvement project—a roof replacement, an elevator rehab, serious exterior work, or something of  that nature. No mat…

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Management Managing Diverse Communities
2012 October Managing Diverse Communities

 One of the most rewarding aspects of living in an urban area is the opportunity  for people from a broad array of ethnic and sociological backgrounds to get to  know each other as neighbors. That doesn't mean that managing a building or  …

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Management Fiduciary Duty
2012 October Fiduciary Duty

 Whether they serve a co-op, condo, or HOA community, board members have a  responsibility to govern and make decisions on behalf of that community—a charge that is often referred to as the board's 'fiduciary duty.' Decisions  made on beha…

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Management Under New Management
2012 September Under New Management

 For the most part, it's human nature to be somewhat fearful of change. People  tend to stick with what they have and what they know, rather than explore new  possibilities.    That’s definitely the case with condos and co-ops in re…

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Management Trash Talk
2012 September Trash Talk

 Removing a multifamily community's trash and recyclables is an important job,  especially in a private development that is not served by municipal or city-run  sanitation services. And though it is crucial to their daily lives, most peopl…

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Management Hiring Good Help
2012 June Hiring Good Help

 Think about this: according to the United States Department of Labor, each year  nearly 2 million American workers report having been victims of workplace  violence. Fraud committed by employees cost American companies approximately  $20 …

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Management Managing In-Unit Amenities
2012 May Managing In-Unit Amenities

 In an online forum, Sharon complains about her upstairs neighbor and begs for  advice. It seems that her neighbor had installed a washing machine in the unit,  even though there was one already downstairs for the residents of her six-unit…

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