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Management Artful Dodger
2013 December Artful Dodger

The signs “Post No Bills,” “Active Driveway” and “Alternate Side Parking” are all fairly common and relatively self-explanatory in urban settings. Other equally common signs we see in suburban communities throughout the U.S. related to pet…

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Management Getting a Little Tipsy
2013 November Getting a Little Tipsy

Whether you live in a suburb or in the heart of the city, life is expensive. Sometimes it can feel as though everybody from the barista at your favorite coffee shop to the kid who sacks your groceries is trying to nickel-and-dime you half …

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Management Rules on Records
2013 October Rules on Records

When it comes to ensuring that important association documents are private and secure, board members and managers have to follow specific protocols. However, thanks to ignorance or negligence those guidelines aren’t always followed. And pr…

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Management If They Only Knew...
2013 October If They Only Knew...

Someone once said, "People who say that small things don't bother them have never tried to sleep in a room with a mosquito." The truth is that there are little irritations—otherwise known as pet peeves—about a job, relationship, or o…

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Management That's Criminal!
2013 July That's Criminal!

 Serving on a condo board has its challenges—mostly of a relatively mundane, everyday sort, like how to pay for new carpet in  the clubhouse, or what kind of flowers to put in the new beds out front.  Occasionally however, a much more sens…

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Management Let's Be Perfectly Clear
2013 July Let's Be Perfectly Clear

 When summer rolls around many Chicagoans can be found at any one of the 33  beaches along the shores of freshwater Lake Michigan. There may not be any waves but the vast blue waters can rival any Florida or  California beach. Illinois’s n…

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Management Back to School
2013 March Back to School

 With multifamily buildings, who is in charge of the property and how well those  people are trained are critically important factors in the successful operation  of the community. Board members are a part of this management class, which i…

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Management Striving to  be the Best
2013 January Striving to be the Best

 Condominium and cooperative management companies are plentiful in Chicago. And  since there are hundreds of management companies vying for your attention and  your business across Chicagoland, it can be tough for them to set themselves  a…

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Management A Management Checklist
2013 January A Management Checklist

 How can you tell whether the on-site property manager at a condominium or  homeowners association community is doing a good job? And what is “a good job”? Whether a manager is well-liked and whether he or she manages well may not be  the …

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Management Better, Stronger, Faster
2013 January Better, Stronger, Faster

 These days, there are few people who don’t have a business website, a Facebook account and even a Twitter handle. It’s the same for buildings.  As the rise of online social media invades nearly every aspect of our daily  life, co-o…

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