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Management Blackouts and Power Outages
2015 November Blackouts and Power Outages

In August 2003, much of the American Northeast was plunged into darkness when the power grid serving the region failed. Through power was restored within a day or so—to much of the affected area—millions of dollars in losses and damages wer…

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Management Illinois Workers' Compensation
2015 November Illinois Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation as we know it today—the insurance system that provides medical care and other benefits for workers who become sick or injured in the course of doing their jobs--grew out of the European labor movement in the late 19th …

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Management Supervising Your Co-op or Condo’s Maintenance
2015 October Supervising Your Co-op or Condo’s Maintenance

Residents of a condominium, cooperative or homeowner's association that literally takes care of itself, from the grounds to the pool to the electrical systems, really have it made in the shade.  But those building communities really do not…

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Management You Must Be New Here
2015 June You Must Be New Here

Every relationship starts the same way—people getting to know each other and moving into a new co-op or condo is no different. It’s actually a lot like moving into a new town; there are new neighbors, new rules and new community leaders. S…

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Management Homesharing in HOAs
2015 April Homesharing in HOAs

On any given day or night in Chicago, a stranger walks up to Craig Perry’s North Lawndale home, opens Perry’s door, hangs up his or her jacket, and relaxes in Perry’s bed while watching Perry's television and using his WiFi, before disappe…

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Management Keeping Up in a Competitive Management Market
2015 January Keeping Up in a Competitive Management Market

As the co-op/condo market continues to heal after the setback it experienced during the financial crisis of late, many management firms and independent property managers are looking for ways to distinguish themselves from their colleagues …

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Management Continuing Education
2015 January Continuing Education

Even the most successful property managers understand they don’t know everything, and with new developments happening in building technology, administration, and communication, a savvy manager will look to constantly learn about what’s new…

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Management Mastering Management
2015 January Mastering Management

“Individual commitment to a group effort; that's what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” Legendary Green Bay Packers football coach Vince Lombardi left condo boards and managers off his short lis…

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Management Hiring New Management
2015 January Hiring New Management

There is an old adage claiming that “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” This is not a happy thought for a board or association looking to change property managers or firms. To go through the turmoil involved in replacing…

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Management The Human Factor
2014 November The Human Factor

Property managers know that whether they're running a small, contained walk-up building, a multi-unit high rise, or a sprawling condo development in the suburbs, materials, capital and personnel all fall under their administrative jurisd…

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