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Board Operations When Snowbirds Fly
2013 September When Snowbirds Fly

Every year the cycle repeats itself in co-ops and condo communities in Chicago: as temperatures drop and snow begins to swirl, flocks of empty nesters and others fortunate enough to own a second home in a warmer climate pack up and head so…

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Board Operations The Democratic Way
2013 August The Democratic Way

The annual election is probably the biggest event in the administrative life of the condominium, homeowners or cooperative community. For board members and residents alike, it's their most important performance. The board member…

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Board Operations This Old Board
2013 August This Old Board

Rachel recently bought a condo in Chicago’s bustling Lakeview neighborhood—and from the outset, she didn’t take the process of purchasing a home lightly. “I’m a first time homebuyer,” says Rachel, “and I was pretty specific abou…

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Law & Legislation Handling Lawsuits
2013 June Handling Lawsuits

 Lawsuits are usually not an association’s go-to method for dispute resolution. Expensive and time-consuming, they can  quickly turn into a financial burden and may create strained relations in the  community. Unfortunately, in some cases …

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Law & Legislation Butt Out?
2013 June Butt Out?

 In the ongoing effort to limit the non-smoking public's exposure to second-hand  cigarette smoke, municipal governments across the country are coming up with  increasingly strict bans on smoking in public places—even on public streets and…

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Law & Legislation The 2013 Law & Legislative Update
2013 June The 2013 Law & Legislative Update

 You may be sitting at home on the couch scrolling through the TV listings—but rest assured that at that very moment, issues concerning your home are being  discussed in the legislative arena.    At any time, hundreds of thousands o…

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Board Operations Breaking Bad
2013 March Breaking Bad

 As the old saw goes, one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. The same idea  often holds true for residents who choose to ignore bylaws or house rules, even  if they are well-intended and in place to serve the greater good of the  communi…

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Owner Relations Building a Better Board
2013 February Building a Better Board

 Working in groups can be a challenge. Working in groups when people’s homes—and possibly their life savings—are involved can be a far greater challenge. It’s one faced every day by those brave souls who volunteer to serve on their co-op  …

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Owner Relations Taming Transient Turnmoil
2013 February Taming Transient Turnmoil

As housing markets in many parts of the country—including Chicago—have foundered, many developers have opted to convert portions of communities originally intended to be condominiums into rental properties. When a development with no ow…

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