2011 November
Focus on... Building Maintenance

Maintenance Close Encounters of the Wild Kind
2011 November Close Encounters of the Wild Kind

 Rick Wilberschied of All That’s Wildlife in Chicago once had to catch a raccoon that had climbed 64 stories  and was sitting on an apartment building balcony. Three months ago, in Chicago’s Boystown, a mother deer found an unlikely spot t…

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Maintenance Breathing Easy
2011 November Breathing Easy

 Keeping indoor air clean is critical to maintaining a healthy environment. The  inner workings of a building’s operating system is often a mystery to the untrained person or board member.  Since it’s easier to determine the cleanliness of…

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Maintenance Going Up?
2011 November Going Up?

 There are approximately 22,000 elevators and moving conveyances in the city of  Chicago—and that number almost doubles when you add in the surrounding communities in  Illinois. A great number of these elevators are in condominiums and it’…

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Maintenance Maintaining a Building's Infrastructure
2011 November Maintaining a Building's Infrastructure

 In many ways, a building’s boiler is like the heart is to the body: it provides heat and circulation; it  works unseen; and if it is not functioning, it won’t take long for life to go away. Maintaining this heat source of the community  i…

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Maintenance Winter Woes
2011 November Winter Woes

 It’s a well-known fact that Chicagoans are tough. But even the bravest among us  shivers just a little bit when the first signs of winter settle over the city.  Winter and the inevitable snow and ice that accompany it take their toll not …

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Maintenance Winter Cleaning
2011 November Winter Cleaning

 For building owners and managers in Chicago, winter weather not only refers to  the white stuff that falls out of the sky—but rather, the white stuff that collects in a building’s lobby.    That’s right—ice and snow can be a buildi…

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Maintenance Keeping Up Appearances
2011 November Keeping Up Appearances

 Hardy Chicagoans stash their winter coats away as soon as spring temperatures  allow; and, come fall, they resist pulling out those parkas again until their  teeth are chattering. Buildings, however, need preparation that’s a little more …

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Management Successful Staff Management
2011 November Successful Staff Management

 Property managers handle a wide array of tasks, from the physical to the  administrative. While many of these jobs are outlined in black and white (send  out monthly bills, attend meetings, file paperwork), one important component is  not…

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Real Estate Trends Holiday Harmony
2011 November Holiday Harmony

 Holidays are usually synonymous with good cheer, smiles, and a festive  atmosphere—but occasionally, they can be the cause of friction and ill will as well. When  people of various faiths and traditions all live in the same high-rise buil…

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Real Estate Trends Something Old into Something New...
2011 November Something Old into Something New...

 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 136 million tons  of construction and demolition waste was generated in 1996, which was the last  time these figures were made available, and those numbers have most likely  ri…

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Q&A: Not Following the Rules
2011 November Q&A: Not Following the Rules

Q We have a serious problem in our co-op. No. 1, there have been no annual  meetings for years. There have been no elections and the same people are  entrenched on the board of directors. Thirdly, no bylaws or business corporation laws ar…

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