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Neighborhoods The Loop
2013 January The Loop

 The Loop, as it's officially known to Chicagoans, or Chicago Loop as it's known  to the rest of the world, is one of 77 officially designated neighborhoods in  Chicago. It is the historic commercial center of Downtown Chicago as well as  …

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Neighborhoods Aurora, Illinois
2012 November Aurora, Illinois

 Aurora is known as the City of Light, a homage to the fact that the city was the  first city in the nation to install electric streetlights. Though overshadowed  by its big brother Chicago, Aurora can easily stand toe-to-toe with the Wind…

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Neighborhoods Jefferson Park
2012 October Jefferson Park

 “Location...Location...Location,” is the age old adage of real estate and Jefferson Park's location,  affordability, safety and access to transportation are the primary factors that  lure people to this lovely corner of the Northwest Side…

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Neighborhoods Rogers Park in Chicago
2012 July Rogers Park in Chicago

 Once a Rogers Parker, always a Rogers Parker, it seems. Whether a current or  long-removed resident, folks seem to take pride in their links to the community  bordered by the lake, Western Avenue, Evanston and Devon Avenue.    It m…

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Neighborhoods Rich in History and Homes
2012 June Rich in History and Homes

 You don't have to walk far to find architectural gems in Oak Park. With its  patchwork of stucco, frame and brick homes punctuated by Victorian and Prairie  Style structures, the community is an architecture geek's dream. "Oak Park is  an…

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Neighborhoods Wrigleyville
2012 May Wrigleyville

 Formerly a working class neighborhood heavily populated by factory workers and  their families, Wrigleyville is the nickname of the neighborhood surrounding  the Chicago Cubs iconic baseball stadium Wrigley Field, but the area is more  co…

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Neighborhoods Chicago's Albany Park
2012 April Chicago's Albany Park

One of Chicago's greatest assets is its diversity, exemplified in the multitude of ethnic communities such as Polonia Triangle, Chinatown, Little Italy and Greektown. Although there may be a predominant cultural group in each neighborh…

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Neighborhoods Evanston, Illinois
2012 February Evanston, Illinois

Located right off of Lake Michigan and minutes from the Chicago, the northern suburb of Evanston is home to more than 74,000 residents. This diverse population contributes to the city's unique and extensive cultural scene while at the …

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Neighborhoods Des Plaines
2011 October Des Plaines

 Des Plaines, Illinois in Cook County was originally settled by the French who  named the town, “of the plains.” Today, the town is officially nicknamed the "City of Destiny."    This suburb of Chicago, which sits right next to O'Ha…

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Neighborhoods Greektown
2011 July Greektown

 Step through a unique six-pillared Greek pavilion at the intersection of  Halstead and Monroe and you're in Greektown, located in Chicago's near-west  community, one of Chicago's most popular neighborhoods for natives and tourists  alike.…

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