2014 October
Focus on... Board Operations/Expo

Board Operations The Call of Duty
2014 October The Call of Duty

When electing board members to serve on behalf of your community, you expect them to be on their best behavior and think of the needs of the building and the people who live there when making their decisions. Regardless of the type of comm…

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Board Operations Called to Serve
2014 October Called to Serve

The owners of Museum Park Place Condominium in Chicago’s South Loop area are fortunate; their 23-story, 194-unit building overlooks Soldier Field. “We sit on the rooftop terrace, listen to concerts, and watch the Bears play football on the…

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Board Operations When Boards Don’t Play by the Rules
2014 October When Boards Don’t Play by the Rules

Many if not most boards get along famously. There are boards that have had the same members for decades and run their communities without a hitch. We frequently get calls from readers who are troubled when they find that their board …

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Board Operations The Dream Team
2014 October The Dream Team

The “Dream Team” label is often used to describe a perfect combination of highly-skilled people drawn together for a particular purpose. The 1992 U.S. mens' Olympic basketball team is probably the most famous example, but 'dream teams' hav…

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Maintenance Maintaining a Healthy Building
2014 October Maintaining a Healthy Building

It was January 1977 when the Center for Disease Control (CDC) first identified and isolated a previously unknown strain of bacteria found breeding in the cooling tower of a hotel air conditioning system. The bacteria, subsequently named Le…

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Management I Bid You Good Day
2014 October I Bid You Good Day

It’s only logical that if something goes wrong and needs fixing at a condo or HOA, it's the board or manager’s job to do some due diligence and choose the contractor that makes the most sense for the community's needs and budget. Thi…

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Management Going It Alone
2014 October Going It Alone

While the majority of condo buildings and HOA communities choose to partner with professional management firms to provide guidance and counseling and oversee their day-to-day operations, other boards take the reins themselves and choose se…

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Law & Legislation Going Overboard
2014 October Going Overboard

Condos and homeowner associations have made headlines over the years for passing all kinds of overreaching and downright silly rules and regulations—everything from forbidding the flying of the American flag to having prohibitions about ha…

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Finance Bank on It!
2014 October Bank on It!

A lot of us feel like everyday life keeps getting more and more complicated, and finances are no exception. In Illinois, there are strict limitations to what boards can do with their association’s funds, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t …

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Management Managing Commercial Tenants
2014 October Managing Commercial Tenants

While having goods and services like retail stores, banks and dry cleaners on-site can be convenient and viewed as a positive by condo unit owners and neighbors, not every commercial tenant is a good fit for every condo community or HOA. L…

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The Chicagoland Cooperator’s Condo, HOA & Co-op Expo
2014 October The Chicagoland Cooperator’s Condo, HOA & Co-op Expo

Over 275 exhibitors offering a marketplace of products and services for co-ops, condos and HOAs are waiting to meet you as the The Chicagoland Cooperatorreturns Tuesday, October 28th to host the Condo, HOA & Co-op Expo at the Navy Pier Con…

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Finance Renting Common Areas
2014 October Renting Common Areas

Having a fantastic party room, gazebo, or other common space is a great amenity for a condo or HOA—not only does it give residents a place to gather for celebrations, meetings and other community events, it adds real value to the property.…

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Management You’re Fired!
2014 October You’re Fired!

Whether they’re managing a small walk-up building in the city center or a sprawling development in a more suburban area, property managers handle a wide array of tasks, from physical stuff to administrative chores. While many of these jobs…

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Real Estate Trends ‘Tis the Season…or Is It?
2014 October ‘Tis the Season…or Is It?

Most everyone has fond memories of celebrating holidays at home, school, church or synagogue, and maybe even in a town square or community center. Holidays offer a break from routine, usually different foods and treats—maybe even gifts! Th…

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Finance Tips for Keeping Legal Costs Low
2014 October Tips for Keeping Legal Costs Low

In today’s economy, co-ops and condos are looking for ways to cut costs wherever they can, and many are turning to examining their legal bills. But the problem therein is two-fold: firstly, you don’t want to compromise your relationship wi…

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Finance Controlling Operating Costs
2014 October Controlling Operating Costs

Whether you’re managing or governing a suburban condo development or an urban high-rise, operating costs are a constant concern. No matter how hard you plan, there are always unexpected expenses, and you have to plan for them. This is true…

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Board Operations Houston, We Have a Problem
2014 October Houston, We Have a Problem

The building blocks of all homeowner’s associations are the community's respective bylaws, administrative documents and house rules. Equally important are legal documents that define critical information and other action items, such as ter…

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Q&A Q&A: The Windows of the World
2014 October Q&A: The Windows of the World

Q I believe as a board member that since shareholders are lessees/renters, and the corporation is the lessor/landlord, the corporation should bear responsibility for the maintenance and repair or replacement of the entire facade of the bu…

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Q&A Q&A: Conducting an Audit
2014 October Q&A: Conducting an Audit

My condo board recently voted to approve an audit for the association, but I found out our own CPA—who has handled our finances for five years—will be conducting the audit. Is that a sound decision? Are there any legal issues with conflict …

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