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Maintenance Newfangled Monkey Bars
2011 March Newfangled Monkey Bars

Often when we think of the “good old days,” thoughts of a time before cell phones, Facebook and GPS come to mind, when kids played in public parks stocked with swing sets, monkey bars and maybe (if you were lucky) a basketball hoop and …

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Maintenance More Than Just Maintenance
2011 March More Than Just Maintenance

In Chicagoland, your building maintenance professionals are the chief engineer, head engineer, or sometimes, even the janitor. Regardless of title, these people keep the home fires burning and make sure every apartment building runs sm…

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Maintenance Green Days
2011 March Green Days

Traditional household cleaners may leave sinks, floors, carpets and countertops gleaming, but they also leave behind traces of toxic chemicals. According to, in any given home in America, you’re likely to find up to 10 g…

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Maintenance A Team Effort
2011 March A Team Effort

 As anyone who’s ever had their heat go out in the dead of winter can tell you, condo buildings  don’t maintain themselves. It might take a village to raise a child, but it takes a  knowledgeable, experienced team comprised of a qualified …

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Maintenance Facade Maintenance
2011 March Facade Maintenance

 For those who might not know, building facades are the exterior walls of a  building—they're important not just for their architectural and aesthetic significance, but  because they're built to withstand the elements and preserve the unde…

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Management Managing Expectations
2011 February Managing Expectations

While the board is the one who makes important financial decisions for their communities, it’s the property manager who handles day-to-day administrative tasks and keeps the association’s buildings running smoothly. If there’s an issue …

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Management All the Right Stuff
2011 February All the Right Stuff

 Some property managers fly through their to-do lists with the greatest of ease,  while others send you to voicemail. Again. The difference between a serviceable  manager and a really great one may not be something they’re born with; but m…

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Management Lincoln Park
2011 February Lincoln Park

 Two miles north of downtown Chicago you find one of the Windy City’s quintessential neighborhoods, Lincoln Park. Lincoln Park is located along the  lakefront and comprises the area north of North Avenue, south of Diversey  Parkway, west o…

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Management Prioritizing Projects
2011 February Prioritizing Projects

This is a great time to be on the board of directors of a condominium association—if you like a challenge. Gone are the days of flush and growing reserve funds and easily balanced operating budgets that marked the real estate …

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Management Communicating With Your Property Manager
2011 February Communicating With Your Property Manager

It was an odd call to management, but Erik Conrad, president of InCommercial Property Group in Chicago, knew that when his residents have a gripe, they also have the right to call and let him know what the problem is. In this …

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